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Welcome to the main page of the Open Patent Services (OPS), representing the public preview version of the rebuild of Open Patent Services,
delivering high quality raw patent data via Web Services.


  URL Date
   OpenPatentServices WSDL        21.05.2008
   Open Patent Services input and output XML schema        15.12.2007
   Open Patent Services XML schema for legal status data (240) 784-6676        15.12.2007
   EPO's ST36 DocDB exchange format for bibliographic data        15.12.2007
   EPO's ST36 DocDB fulltext exchange format for fulltext data (claims and description)        27.05.2008
   OPS WebService Interface Description        13.05.2008
   Description of the syntax of EQL used for biblio searches        15.12.2007
   Legal status tag definitions        03.08.2006
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